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The MLA style provides a standard for giving your list of sources at the end of your paper. This alphabetical list of sources is usually called a works cited list, but some instructors will call this a bibliography. Resources: Sample Works Cited page - Sample five-paragraph essay paper; ... Sample Works Cited page ... The Works Cited page must be on a separate page after the body of the paper. Works Cited Page - MLA Style - Libraries at Boston College Basic rules for the Works Cited page: Include the Running Head and page number on your references page. Center the phrase "Works Cited" at the top of the page. Arrange references in alphabetical order by the author's last name. Double space between and within references.

Sample Bibliography or Works Cited in MLA Style Works Cited, References, or Bibliography Sample Page. Adams, Paul. “Furious Arafat Is Freed.” Globe and Mail [Toronto] 2 May

Report "mla style sheet: “works citedsample entries - Norco College" Page 1 ... Sample Works Cited List: MLA Style. Library / Sample Works Cited Page Sample Works Cited Page. Loudoun County Public Library. Works Cited. "Bald Eagle." Q & A: Using Quotations, Citing Sources, and Formatting the Works... Works Cited. How can I integrate a quotation into my own sentence? How do I cite the quotations in my paper? Works Cited Examples

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Works Cited Page - MLA Citation Style 8th Edition ... 591 x 616 png 28kB. What Is a "work Cited" Page? | The works cited page differs from a bibliography; a works cited page lists references used throughout the paper

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Heading mla, you cite sources in your paper mla. 1 and cheap source you have opted to find an a book. Basics with pictures formatting an essay, apa, and works cited. : a brief sample works cited page numbers of works cited page, not the… Sample MLA Works Cited Page - Wilson, Lett, & Kerbawy The Sample MLA Works Cited Page page at Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, an experienced law firm that provides legal council to people in Lansing, Michigan. Sample MLA format papers Go to to automatically format any type of page in an MLA essay.

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The list of Works Cited is an alphabetical list of sources that you used to gather information for your research paper. You place this Works Cited list at the end of your research paper. Page Format: Use the heading “Works Cited” centered one inch below the top edge of a new page. Do not bold or Works Cited, References, and Bibliography - What's the ... Work Cited Vs Works Cited. There is a mistake that students often tend to make. They name their reference page the Work Cited page, which is incorrect. The proper name for it should be Works Cited, as the works by multiple authors, not one, are cited. The Works Cited page is often used in the Humanities, the MLA Style and the APA Style. MLA 8th edition Works Cited Guide - MLA 8th edition –Works Cited Guide Works Cited Entries (* Note: if any information is not given, skip it.) Type of Source Example of MLA 8th edition Works Cited entry Entire Book Format: Author(s). Title of Book. Edition, Publisher, Year. Database Name (if electronic). Example (Print Book): Smith, John. Social Media Basics. Revised ed ...

MLA DOCUMENTATION STYLE: WORKS CITED PAGE! Many humanities disciplines use Modern Language Association (MLA) style to cite sources. MLA-style documents include brief in-text citations in combination with a detailed listing of sources in a separate Works Cited page at the end of a document. (See quicktip on MLA in-text citations).